What does a catering staff do?

A catering staff helps out in catering services they are given some certain task to do may it be serving the guest in the buffet line or table, serving guest with food and beverages, carrying or refilling trays and a whole lot more. They are a team that makes an event successful and helps the host provide good food and service to the hungry guest. They are trained to move quickly and attend to the guest request. It is important to find the Best Catering Staff for your event so that everything will be an easy flow.

What to look for on a catering staff?

1. Great customer service – a catering staff should be professional in everything they do they should provide respect and attend to the people’s request or needs regarding the food or catering service they should know how to listen and respond respectfully. They should be courteous at all times and provide quick service for people to have a great dining experience

2. Great Communication – a catering staff should have great communication with everybody in their team, client, and to the people so that the dining would be an easy flow it is important that they listen attentively and relay correct and proper information so that they can help each other and be better with their service.

3. Great Stamina – the staffs should be prepared that there will be a busy day ahead of them there will be a lot of standing, serving, cooking, and a whole lot more to do in a day. They should have great sleep and energy to finish all the task from carrying large trays, getting guest request, and serving food and drinks they should really move quickly.

4. Great teamwork – it is important that the servers will work as a team and help each other it is important that the task is given equally and they help the other that is need of their help or is stuck in a certain situation.

5. Promote cleanliness – it is important that when handling food, utensils, glass, plates, and a lot more the servers or staff should always promote cleanliness when handling them and giving them to the guest. It is also important that the staff will look neat, clean, and tidy so that they will give a good impression to the host and the guest.

Do you need to finish study to apply for catering staff?

As long as your 18 and above you can apply for a catering staff position. A company would just train you on what are the rules when handling customer and provide different kinds of training so that you can do good on the task that is asked from you.

How much do a catering staff earn?

It is different among catering companies too how much their wages will be but according to the law, the minimum pay should be $9 the great thing about being a catering staff or a food business customers are giving in tips that make your salary much bigger aside from your regular wage

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