Is Play Slime Good for Kids?

The popularity of play slime today is amazing. For the longest time, they’re nothing but science projects for kids that are thought about polymers and viscosity achieved through chemical reactions. Now, slime has taken a kid’s world by storm, with a lot of instructional videos over the internet on how to make them, use them, and play with them.  


Playing with slime seems like fun. Otherwise, it won’t enjoy the same popularity it is enjoying today. However, the real question is, is playing with slime safe? If it is not, is it worth the risk? What are the things about slime that you should be cautious of? These are the questions that we’ll try to answer here.  

What You Should Know About Slime  

Slime is nothing but a mixture of harmless substances, most of which are found in your kitchen pantry. When these substances come together, they create something that’s something between a liquid and solid mixture. Slime is also referred to as the non-Newtonian fluid.  

If you want to teach your kids about science, then you may start by playing slime with them. Slime can be squished between your fingers because of its fine line between a matter’s solid and liquid forms. It’s gooey and stretchable. Even adults find slime fascinating because playing with it using your hands is a good way to relieve stress.  

Different Types of Slime  

Believe or not, slime comes in a lot of varieties these days. Listed below are the most common types. You may make your own slime or you can purchase one from a craft shop or a kid’s toy store. Here is what you’re likely to encounter: 

  1. Glitter slime

This type of slime is also known as the unicorn slime. It follows the same materials and techniques in making play slime, but there’s an added ingredient mixed in, which are glitters.  

  1. Fluffy slime 

This special type of slime is softer than usual. When you squish it, it feels like you’re squishing a marshmallow.  

  1. Popping slime

This type of slime is kind of different from others, as they contain beads or pellets in the mix. But it is still the same gooey slime but with a twist.  

  1. Glow in the dark slime 

If you’re in to give your kids some kind of surprise, then this slime is perfect. This one lights up at night once you switch off the lamp.  

  1. Cleaning slime 

This slime is the most useful type, as it is intended to clean stuff, like your keyboard and similar electronics. It is thicker than other slimes and works just like a lint brush that gets the crud out.  

Is Slime Safe? 

The play slime that can be bought from stores is generally safe. As stated earlier, they don’t contain any harmful ingredients. The usual things added to the mix to create slime are white glue, cornstarch, shampoo, and food coloring, among many other things. If you want to be sure that the slime that your kids are playing with are safe, be sure to buy only from reputable stores. Find a cheap slime sold online or you can make one yourself.  




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